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Get A New Air Conditioner

When you’re debating on whether you should replace your air conditioner, there are immediate signs to look for. Having an out-of-date unit can cost you more money over the long run and can even pose a safety threat to your family. The problem is that many people do not know what signs to look for when they need a new air conditioner. Below are five of the most important signs that it’s time for a new AC unit.

1. Lack of Cold Air

When your home has a lack of cold air, even when your air conditioner is on, it could be because it’s time to get a new AC unit. Over time, your air conditioner will wear down and air that is never cold is a huge sign of that.

2. Energy Bills Cost More

Once your air conditioner stops working as efficiently as it should, you could see a skyrocket in your energy bill. Increased bills for no reason are a good sign that your AC unit may need replacement.

3. Excess Moisture

Moisture will build up around all AC units, which is normal. But when your air conditioner has a massive amount of moisture that may even seem like a leak, that could be a sign your unit is failing.

4. Weird Smells

When your air conditioner is working, it will put off clean, cold air into your home. If you start smelling strange burning or unnatural smells in your home, it could be that your AC unit is on its last leg.

5. Frequent Repairs

An older AC unit is usually going to break down over time, but when your air conditioner starts breaking more often, it’s a big sign that you may need a new air conditioner.

If your air conditioner is experiencing any of the symptoms, it could be time to call your local HVAC experts and have a new AC unit installed.

Call Heart of Ohio at 330-764-1011 or contact us today to get a new air conditioner in your Akron home!

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